Back in the early 2000s, I was in charge of a remodel project for one of my father’s restaurants. When I met with a designer he was asked what my vision was for this remodel. I had said I wanted it to be fun, display kids, and our food. What he said next sparked the beginning of my mindset. He told me that I wanted the “Forever Young” Package.

When it became time to start my own company, obviously only one name would work, “Forever Young”. From then I’ve always kept the mindset and work ethic of having the energy of a child. Just because we grow older doesn’t mean we have to slow down. We can still be full of energy and still maximize everything life has to offer us.

I’ve had to reinvent myself a few times more than I would have had liked, but every time I started a new chapter in my life, I’ve worked it like I did my first business, my first time, I gave it everything I had, still, maintain an active social life, and was internally forever young. While most people think “forever young” means having a shorter than expected life, being forever young because you never got the chance to grow old. That is not what we mean here, Forever Young is being youthful no matter what your age is.

Be Forever Young, is how you maximize the life you have. You work hard, you play hard, you do everything to the fullest, and your energy and mind will be able to keep up the more you do it. As Dr. Suess once wrote “Adults are just obsolete kids,” not when you adept the Be Forever Young lifestyle. Do you have what it takes to Be Forever Young?
Be Forever Young,